The ‘Public Administration and Public Policy Specialist Group’ is a study group supported by the UK’s Political Studies Association (PSA). It was formed in 1995, with Professor R.A.W. Rhodes as its first Convenor. It organises seminars and conference panels, and provides funding for public policy, administration and management-related events. For further information or to join click here.

The purpose of the group is to provide a forum for the debate, analysis and presentation of research in the fields of public administration, public policy and public sector management. It is not country-specific and its members have expertise in British, US, European, Australasian, Asian and African public administration, as well as more generic ‘global governance’ issues.

The study of public administration is multidisciplinary and can be found located in business schools as well as social science departments, its practitioners occupy positions throughout the public sector as well as those private organisations and NGOs involved in the delivery of public services. There is no one theory or group of theories, but a multiplicity of approaches that draw on political science and economics as well as sociology and philosophy. Our study group explores these approaches and perspectives and encourages all with an interest in public policy, administration and management to collaborate.

A copy of the group’s constitution can be accessed here.

The Current Committee

dunlop120Dr Claire Dunlop – Convenor

Senior Lecturer in Politics
College of Social Sciences and International Studies
University of Exeter
Amory Building, Exeter, Devon EX4 4RJ

fenwick120Professor John Fenwick – Secretary

Professor of Leadership and Public Management
Business School
Northumbria University
Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne NE18ST

Dr Alice Moseley – SecretaryAMoseley120x120

Research Fellow
College of Social Sciences and International Studies
University of Exeter
Amory Building, Exeter, Devon EX4 4RJ
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